It’ll always get to you🥀

I gave you my everything 

But you left me with nothing. 

I stopped laughing

Stopped giggling,

Stopped smiling

At those silly things

Which used to make others smile

Now, all I do 

Is drink and smoke

Wondering what 

Destroyed us. 

Don’t come back to me

Because I won’t have 

The courage to take you back. 

To get my heart broken again

Because I know 

I won’t be able to say no to you. 

I know I’ll regret it

I know I’ll melt once again 

But that’s what love is made of 

Friendships and care and heartbreaks

At the end

I’ll love you 

Even though you left me

Left me to burn and rot within

As that’s what love does to you

It burns you 

And leaves you 

Like a paper is burnt

To meaningless ashes

I will love you

Always and forever

As love follows you everywhere. 

No matter what you do

It’ll always get to you


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